Nobody Greater

Happy Wednesday, Good People. First, thank you everyone who has extended encouragement and support in words or action (ex: following our blog and tweets, joining our Facebook page). God is good! We are excited to be here on this journey with you.

Second, I share with you a portion of my devotional received this morning prepared by colleague, Brother Dracy Jenkins. It reminds me that in Jesus Christ, God’s gift to us, there is “nobody greater” :

“It is not the uniqueness of ‘Christianity’ as a system that we defend, but the uniqueness of Christ. So, because in no other person but Jesus of Nazareth did God first become human (in his birth), then bear our sins (in his death), then conquer death (in his resurrection) and then enter his people (by his Spirit), he is uniquely able to save sinners. Nobody else has his qualifications.” -John R.W. Stott

Have a blessed day!



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