Your Future Is Increased in Christ

I can from Philippians 4-13You’ve had multiple successes. Then you experience a big failure. Do you think your future is now diminished? Do you think God has changed His mind about you? Our ministry founder shares her story of success and failure and why your future is not bleak but INCREASED in Christ Jesus! Read “Your Future Is Increased in Christ.” 


We’re Losing By the Mouthful

burger and fries platterWe pray at the church altar to slay a number of sins. Afterward, we return to our seats like victorious conquerors. But in all of our praising and shouting “Hallelujah,” one sin in the Body of Christ continues to punch us in the gut: gluttony. If your health is compromised, read our ministry founder’s four tips on how you can begin restoring your health so you can effectively run your race and bring God glory in your body in her article, “We’re Losing By the Mouthful.” 

Beyond #BlackLivesMatter: Gracism

Gracism book coverUndoubtedly, the #BlackLivesMatter grassroots movement has gained tremendous traction with national media and various members of the public since its launch in July 2013. A movement birthed after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Black teen Trayvon Martin—yet still without the desired changes to dismantle structural racism. A book I read recently along with my personal beliefs on the issues has prompted me to invite you and others to think beyond #BlackLivesMatter and embrace gracism for a chance at real change and healing.

Read our ministry founder’s Gospel Today article “Beyond #BlackLivesMatter: Gracism.” 

Abortion: Promote Deliverance, Not Debate

Abortion woman and infant ropeIn a society that largely pursues convenience and freedom at all costs, how should we, the Body of Christ and the Church, respond to abortion in a democratic society? Debates and protests at clinics have seldom transformed lives. Rather, Christians should do this.

Read our ministry founder’s Gospel Today article “Abortion: Promote Deliverance, Not Debate” to learn what is “this.”

Don’t Be a Product of Your Time

cool-future-technology-gadgets SmallerDo you strive to be “in” with society? From the latest gadgets, designer brands, relationship statuses, higher social statuses, they want what you have and you want what they have. But if you’re not spirit-led, society will happily compel you to become a product of this age. Temptations always deliver a poor substitute for the real thing. God desires to foster self-control within His People which is a prerequisite for receiving many of His blessings.

Read our ministry founder’s Gospel Today article “Don’t Be a Product of Your Time.” 

Are You a Compelling Witness?

2 Corinthians 4 8-9In these 11th-hour times, are you sounding the clarion call for people to take courage and hope in Christ Jesus? Or are you staying silent? In the face of persecution and trials, will YOU be a compelling, convincing and irrefutable witness for Christ? “Too many Christians have become passive bystanders in this spiritual warfare when they’ve had a sword in their hand the entire time. The hour is at hand for complacency to end.”-Hakim Hazim, co-founder of Christian think tank, .

Read our ministry founder’s Gospel Today article “Are You a Compelling Witness?” 

ETA: Grateful in the Wait

Grateful-WomanDoes it seem like everyone else is getting blessed but you? You’ve been faithful, obedient, waiting on God to move. How can we remain thankful in the wait? Read our 5 tips shared in this Gospel Today article! We pray it blesses you.

Single Ladies: Meet Your Heavenly Husband

Catherine Fendig, author and inspirational speaker

Catherine Fendig, author and inspirational speaker

Ladies, are you on a “relationship turnstile,” of dating different men yet same results? After five failed marriages, and now married to her godly husband of 14 years, Catherine Lake Fendig found the keys to stop the destructive relationship cycle. One is: don’t live in the fantasy of what could be. From my Gospel Today article, “Way of the Well Woman: Author Catherine Fendig Stopped Her Unhealthy Relationship Turnstile When She Made God Her Heavenly Husband,” learn six tips to stop the turnstile and have the right relationship. We thank Catherine for her transparency that will bless many women. We also thank Dawn Bauer, founder of The Family Hope Line (a Voices Against the Grain ministry partner) for introducing us to Catherine. Both ladies shared their stories and helpful information during our September 10 radio interview