Evil’s Answer Requires Our Steadfastness

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Nicole D. Hayes, Founder, Voices Against the Grain

Charlottesville. Barcelona, Spain. Worldwide. Your community. The horrific violence of recent days has been inconceivable for many of us to comprehend how human beings can inflict such hurt and pain on fellow human beings. Men, women and children have been killed and injured without any thought given about the precious gift of life, who these dear people are and the impact of their presence in other’s lives—and the gaping hole in hearts felt when they have been taken from us, particularly by violence. I and our ministry team join you in prayer for Heather Heyer’s family, the troopers killed on that awful Saturday in Charlottesville, those injured, and those killed and injured on Thursday in Barcelona by violence. Our hearts are heavy. For the mind, the incidents are too massive to properly process as there have been multiple events occurring daily, compounding the righteous anger and grief we feel. It is hoped that we never become indifferent and numb ourselves to the loss of life in an effort to preserve our sanity. So what are we to do with all of this? I know many of you are walking strong and steady in the Lord. I write the following message for saints who need encouraging in this time.

Even God has been and is grieved by mankind’s sin, lawlessness. We can say “call it what it is” with a plethora of labels but at the core, at the root it is sin in mankind’s hearts. Genesis 6:5-6 speaks of God’s grief over man’s wickedness: 5 The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. 6 The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.” (New International Version)

Wickedness, sin is nothing new. It has been slithering around on its belly and raising its ugly head since man was created.

Yet, in all of this, God is in control. In my commune with God and prayers with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we have EVERY reason to be encouraged. Jesus won the victory for us at Calvary and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father. Satan has been defeated. The wicked will be no more; they will be snuffed out and cut off (Proverbs 2:22, Proverbs 24:20, Psalm 37:9-10, etc.).

We have been given the victory. Evil seeks to discredit what God has promised to do and what He has already done. For the Body of Christ we must remember and hold fast to His Truth. We must also walk in our Godly authority to combat the darkness. We should not be afraid to walk in what Godly strength looks like while the world capitulates because they have used the wrong weapons in this warfare.

We must seek God’s face for how He would have us to respond, then be led by the Holy Spirit and forsake the wisdom of this world. If you give up on anything, give up on the world having the solution. The world does not have the answer and continues to produce vain efforts. Of all people, WE have the answer for this world: salvation in Jesus Christ. Of all people, WE will remain in peace because our minds are steadfast on the Lord Jesus because we trust Him (Isaiah 26:3).

Of all people, WE are seated in heavenly places as citizens of heaven first and foremost. Our minds should be heavenward and therefore focused on Kingdom business, not chained by the things of this world. With Jesus as our Hope and as the Anchor of our soul Who holds us firm and secure (Hebrews 6:19), WE should seek to steady the lost in this hope by sharing the Gospel. And because of God’s love shown toward us, WE will show His love to others. People are seeking refuge in these desperate times. WE of all people should be a refuge to those searching like a lit and protected city on the hill because of Christ Jesus.


Yes, wickedness is here and increasing but only for a time. Read your bible, stay in your Word, pray and fast and fellowship with others to remind yourselves of the victory already won for us by Christ Our Savior who is coming soon. Despite Satan’s best efforts, he cannot overcome this fact.

Saints, I love you. A blessing to serve with you. Stay encouraged. We have the answer to evil. Keep your hope. Suit up for battle each day (Ephesians 6:10-17). Walk confidently in your Godly authority as a soldier in God’s Army whose mind is set on advancing God’s Kingdom and not entangled by the world (2 Timothy 2:4). Move as a soldier unafraid to speak and walk as instructed by our Commander.

Absolutely, when confronting wickedness you will face opposition from Satan. But keep fighting for the enemy has already retreated on several fronts because of the faithful prayers and fasting of many saints. Do not be reeled in and distracted by what things look like but instead, set your face like flint (determined, not confounded, confident in God, fixed) and endure until the end.

Love and God bless you,




A Walk Through the Wilderness

Jill Tomlinson, Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer, co-founder of Transcend Ministries

Jill Tomlinson, Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer, co-founder of Transcend Ministries

This is a little different from my typical article writings. It is very personal, and I share it all with the knowing that someone somewhere will read it and be encouraged in the Lord.

A few months ago the Lord asked me to write another book. Forgiven, Favored, & Free  would be a book that would empower His sons and daughters to live more fully in the inheritance He provided through Jesus. It would be a book that focused wholly on the finished work of Jesus and our complete identity and victory in Him.

It was April when my family returned from a ministry trip to Australia and I finished the manuscript that He laid on my heart in the same month. Both were “high” points in my life and there was a sweet sense of amazement and satisfaction. I was thankful and life was good. I knew beyond a doubt that I was living out God’s will for my life. The moment of victory appeared short-lived, however, as the waters began to rise around me and my family almost immediately.

I was hit suddenly with sickness and painful physical symptoms. Our family was bombarded from many different directions with seemingly insurmountable issues. In the natural, everything seemed to be falling apart. It was as though I had been pushed from the mountaintop and thrown into the valley literally overnight. I felt as if I was lost in the wilderness. But I knew truth and I chose to stand upon it. Even as I prayed, took my authority in Christ, and spoke the Word over my body, family, and life, my physical symptoms intensified and other problems seemed to get more complex. Using my faith seemed to get me nowhere. Still, I held onto the hope of Christ and the message of His finished work.

The physical pain was almost constant. Some days were really dark, lonely, and at times the intensity of the battle was more than what I thought I could bear. I was fighting, but most days I felt like a wounded warrior at best. For the most part I kept it to myself. Only a few close and trusted friends and family knew about any of it simply because I didn’t want to give the enemy any ammunition.

More than once on this journey I cried. More than once I questioned what I really believe.  More than once I wanted to give up. More than once I heard the words of my accuser, Satan…how can you preach a Gospel that doesn’t work in your own life…where is God in all of this anyway…you are living a lie….give up…don’t print that book…this doesn’t work…you don’t really believe…you are not called…you can’t possibly minister to anyone…you are weak…you are sick….God doesn’t even care…retreat.

Oh, but Hallelujah! More than once, the Spirit of God comforted me. More than once He spoke to me…do not give up…submit to Me by staying in agreement with My Word…resist the devil and he WILL flee…hold on…stand fast…the enemy is trying to steal My Word that has been planted in you…you are Mine…I am for you…I have called you…do not cast off your confidence…I am Truth…you are strong…you are healed…you are whole…I love you.

Hebrews 10 35-36 don't throw away your confidence

I also heard the sweet voice of God repeatedly instruct me to rest—not only spiritually in Him, but physically. I heeded His voice and while I still had ministry engagements and things to do, I made rest a priority. I stopped writing. I cut out everything that was unnecessary, and I spent hours listening for God and pouring my heart out to Him. Sometimes it was in the middle of the night when I was in too much pain to sleep. Sometimes it was in the car for hours as we drove across the country to minister. I felt nothing. The forest got darker, the symptoms became more painful, the problems lingered. There were many times I was discouraged and afraid. Still, I rested, I listened, I meditated on truth, and I waited.

Finally, breakthrough came in the depths of my soul though not the way I expected. The revelation of God broke through the darkness somewhere along the way and I felt a sweet release in my spirit. Nearly four months later, I am writing again for the first time because it’s time. While I did not awaken this morning to a problem free life or a symptom free body, my heart is free, my mind is clear, and I am rejoicing in true victory. For true victory isn’t the absence of problems. It is, instead, the presence of Jesus.

Through it all I have learned much. My beliefs are more solidified than ever before. My God is good and faithful. My roots are deeper, and my passion more fierce. At the center of my life, family, writing, teaching, and ministry is the Word of God—the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the abundant life He provided. It is the only true message of healing, hope, and victory that exists. Any other message falls short of pure truth and fails to deliver. The enemy seeks to steal the message, but Jesus prevails!

Whatever you face today know that BECAUSE OF JESUS, for every tear there is greater peace, for every doubt and lie there is greater truth, for every hurt there is greater healing, for every sin there is greater grace, for every loss there is greater restoration, for every disappointment there is greater hope, and for every defeat there is greater victory. Fix your eyes on Jesus—the Prince of Peace. He knows the way out of the wilderness even when you cannot see!

– Jill

Jill is an author, writer, speaker, and teacher. In her book, No More Lies, Jill leads others through the same journey of biblical truth that brought her freedom and wholeness. Jill and her husband, Jimmy, are the founders of Transcend Ministries—a ministry dedicated to empowering the body of Christ and making disciples worldwide through teaching, writing, and evangelism. They reside in Colorado and have four amazing children—two daughters, a son, and a son-in-law. For more information or to order her book visit www.transcendministries.org.

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