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Read the following excellent post written by Hakim Hazim, dear friend,Voices Against the Grain radio show guest, national security expert, author and co-founder of Christian think tank, Freedom Squared. His post “Guide Me”  reminds believers to remember from where their guidance comes. Thank you Hakim for allowing us to share this message with our readers.

Psalm 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (English Standard Version)

Hakim Hazim, Co-Founder of Freedom²

Hakim Hazim, Co-Founder of Freedom²

God’s word comes to us in the scriptures, wise counsel, gifts of the Spirit, and providential instruction. The verse above illustrates the wisdom of the psalmist. He grasped the concept that God’s Word alone could guide his path and enable him to walk in a way that would secure an eternal future for him, his contemporaries, and anyone who would believe in generations to come. Our approach toward divine revelation should be the same.

We fall woefully short of this, and sadly we live in an age of cynicism. Believers are seen as irrelevant, unscientific folks who follow fables. Our security and certainty offends in this age of insecurity and uncertainty. Very few people drawing breath know what they should be doing, where they are going, or who they should follow. Scripture insists that every person will ultimately have to make a decision between following God’s light, their own, or someone else’s. Like the world, we too were taught to sketch out a future for ourselves and forge our way ahead while ignoring God’s instructions along the way. Upon salvation, we turned from that way of life; yet, the gospel of self remains the same. Believing in one’s will power is the ultimate form of self-actualization, and those who have achieved this are in high demand.

And so the self-appointed fill the headlines today boasting of their achievements with cleverly crafted words, mantras, and theories that cast wide nets that ensnare the unstable who are void of faith or uncertain of Christ. These self-promoters are in places of worship, politics, entertainment, business, and the scientific arenas. Beware! They are blind guides that will lead many to ruin. One thing remains clear and certain; God will guide His own. He still speaks the same words today that he did milleniums ago. These are the very words that changed my life: “Follow me.”

About Hakim Hazim

Hakim Hazim, author of several published books and articles, nationally recognized criminality and national security theorist is the co-founder of Freedom², which focuses on believers in America and other free societies. Hakim, who is based near Boise, Idaho, was raised Muslim and is a born-again Christian since 1993. Daniel Jackson, a former youth pastor, is the organization’s other founding member and technology expert with a Fortune 500 company. Other project partners include researcher Charles Holmes, Jr., and Dracy Jenkins. Hakim is also the founder of the Christian-based national security consultancy, Relevant Now, which provides clients with ”timely, insightful and transformative information.” Hakim has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas and a Master of Arts in National Security Studies from the California State University San Bernardino.