To Infinity and Beyond

Ephesians 3:16- I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. (New Living Translation)

Herbert Bowen, Jr.  Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Herbert Bowen, Jr.
Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Our bodies are a thing of wonder. Unique and intricate with trillions of nerves and relays that allow us to think, be mobile and function. However, even with these physiological faculties, one still can’t account for the human spirit. This enigma eludes us scientifically, for it is something housed within our hearts, which we operate through faith. It’s our faith that empowered us years ago to take on the anguish of death, the perilous fear of helplessness and doubt, which crept into our minds from our limited resources.

Nevertheless, that was then so what is now? Well, the anguish of death has turned to joy for their legacy lives on within us. Helplessness turned to empowerment because God increased our territory and resources, to allow others to witness HIS mighty power. Thus, we are now conquerors equipped with major funding that can be utilized at any time.

#HBSr Amen

Herbert writes weekly devotionals to combat the decreasing morality in the 18-30 age group a.k.a., “the transition gap.” This is an effort to re-introduce Jesus Christ to this spiritually starved generation. He is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Business Management. He is also the founder of B.T.E.P. (Bringing Together Extraordinary People), a Charlotte, N.C.-based nonprofit with a mission to unite professional athletic organizations in accordance with their neighboring counties in the Greater Charlotte area, and to improve underprivileged athletic programs and share in the duty of empowering disadvantaged youth within their communities.
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