A Fixer Who Trusts ‘The Fixer’


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Nicole D. Hayes, Founder, Voices Against the Grain

Pencil erasers. White Out. Accepted tracked changes. Scotch tape. Duct tape. Super Glue. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. As imperfect human beings navigating this thing called “life,” along the way we’ve made mistakes, have had some “uh-ohs” and “oops,” typos and numerous reminders indicating that we don’t have it all together. To close these gaps in hopes to present ourselves and our situations as being “together,” we’ve created products proven most helpful for fixing things. Super Glue to help make like new that precious vase we accidentally knocked over and chipped (whoops). Duct tape for that piece or attachment that needs to hang on for a while longer so it and we can continue to function without interruption.

As a writer, proofreader and someone whose DIY home decor activities has sometimes been sheer comedy, I know a thing or two about being a “fixer.” Depending on the situation, we may feel panic when the error or incident occurs and then flooded with relief when we’re able to fix it, either through our own expertise or someone else’s expertise or created product. Whew!


Yet, life will place us in unprecedented situations and we scramble for solutions. “Let’s try this. Let’s try that. Maybe this here will work.” If we’re honest, our “solutions” may worsen the situation or offer no change at all, leaving us feeling flummoxed, anxious or hopeless. We’ve exhausted everything known within our finite abilities. What are we to do?

“Fix it, Jesus.”

In January, I shared with you in two blog posts a raw account of health challenges I had been facing since this past November. Having long diligence in living a healthy lifestyle, I came down with the flu and then subsequent health issues followed afterward. Several of the experiences were new to me and unnerving. The battle was physical and spiritual. In seeking deliverance from the physical symptoms the Lord assured me in that still, small voice that He would heal me. In my need to see an immediate reversal of symptoms, I would try this thing or that — but to no avail. Why didn’t I take Him at His word? The Holy Spirit told me repeatedly that He would restore me, symptom by symptom.

God desires that we come to the end of our own efforts and surrender all to Him. Eventually, I yielded. Crying out, praying. I no longer relied upon my finite expertise of trying to “fix it.” I wholly leaned on Him daily, hourly, and cast every burden upon Him (Psalm 55:22) to handle and fix in His timing. In talking with Him, I specifically told Him what I desired to see fixed.

In the passing days and weeks, the specific symptoms I prayed against were no longer. The Lord did as He said He would do. I needed to take my hands off of it and trust Him. In this process, I also spent a great deal of time in prayer, studying His Word, viewing Christian programming–just immersed. I pressed in. My mind was being renewed to trust Him even more. Anxieties about my health were being replaced with His peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Thank you Jesus!

My faith was being greatly tested and fortified. I was also becoming a greater warrior against our enemy who consistently attacked my thoughts. I got my head back through truly putting on the helmet of salvation as instructed in Ephesians 6:17 (read this article, “What Is the Helmet of Salvation?”). I learned to immediately reject Satan’s attacks and lies by countering them with God’s Word and what I knew to be true; demolishing arguments and taking captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). This is critical. We must do this immediately as it ceases the enemy’s ability to continue in this. Trusted prayer partners joined me and stood with me in believing for my health and recovery. For their prayers, fasting and encouragement, I am so grateful.

My recovery and healing also involved obedience in practical steps I was led to take. This included identifying food allergies that were causing inflammation, juicing and eating more of a Mediterranean diet and winding down earlier for bed.

In follow up doctors’ appointments, I am pleased to report that all is “normal.” I am healthy. I have sat in quiet awe and gratitude of how good and faithful is our God. This process transformed me to love and know Him deeper. I abide in His Word and am even more emboldened to equip and encourage others in Christ Jesus.


“We will all encounter challenges causing us to think that God’s promises for us will “die on the vine,” says my dear brother in Christ, Hakim Hazim, co-founder of Christian think tank FreedomSquared.org. But Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) As my dear brother further shared:

“God is the great Resolver— but not before He brings us to and through those moments that will further define our walk with Him and shape us. In every challenge, God expects us to overcome it or be transformed by it. God gives strength to saints to overcome the situation and continue on — OR, He gives us the strength to be transformed by the situation and continue on. Transformation allows us to change our approach. There are things that we’re required to lay down or cast off in order to move forward (see Hebrews 12:1-2). What we have been transformed by before becomes yesterday’s manna. We now become transformed by a new mindset.”

God is a Healer. He is our Deliverer. He is a Restorer. And if we trust Him, He is indeed THE Fixer. He will fix it while He is transforming us. He is fixing our feet to be “surefooted like that of a deer, enabling us to tread upon the heights” (Habakkuk 3:19), to surmount the rugged places of life with great confidence and faith in our Almighty God.

My love to you and God bless you as you trust and believe God in your situation. Jesus will work it out  (listen to this)!




“Fix it Jesus” or Jesus, Fix Us?

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Nicole D. Hayes, Founder, Voices Against the Grain

To whomever this applies, I’m getting in your behind today. God is God all by himself and doesn’t need me to defend Him. Though in response to this morning’s New York Daily News front page/full page headline “God Isn’t Fixing This,” and those who support it concerning Wednesday’s horrific shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., in which 17 lives were taken and 14 victims injured: What part do you want God to fix?

Do you want Him to fix those who murder with guns or those who murder daily with their words and thoughts? Many of you think and speak unkindly and unlovingly toward others because of the darkness rooted in your heart. Yet, because you don’t physically shoot people, that is considered ok. God fixes hearts willing to turn to Him who realize they need help. God doesn’t fix gun laws—He fixes people. God seeks to advance Laws of the Spirit so you may truly live freely and abundantly in Him, set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). Yet you’ve chosen to live apart from Him, carelessly and irreverently.

God Isn't Fixing This NY Daily News

We want the offenders to surrender their weapons. But are you likewise willing to surrender your tongue, your words, and your actions that are used like weapons to cause offense? To the perpetrators of violence we say, “Fix it Jesus!” But shouldn’t we ask Jesus to fix us?

We curse the driver who doesn’t yield to us on the road, yet, we won’t yield our hearts or ways to God’s ways because we want to do things our way. Thinking of the rude driver, we shout in our cars, “Fix it Jesus!” with no regard of how we responded to the situation. Shouldn’t He fix you too?

You curse and misuse the Name of Jesus in your conversations, ignorant of the uncomparable power, love, blessings, restoration, healing, salvation, and joy in His Name. Yet, you want Him to “fix it” and not fix you.

Bottom line: The evil we’re witnessing in our world is horrific. We want the violence to cease and be replaced with peace. But this doesn’t come by more gun control or harsher sentences or more police brutality. It starts with allowing the peace of Jesus Christ to reign in our hearts. Allowing the peace of Christ to flow in your words and in your thoughts. You are in no position to dictate to God what He should do to bring about the healing in hearts that are corrupted. You can’t even determine your next heartbeat—but He can. Often it seems the darkest and tragic times bring the hardened and stubborn to their knees in full surrender to Him. God will not force Himself on us. He will not force us to love Him. For what kind of love is forced love? We must choose to love Him. Until then, we have unsurrendered hearts and the chaos ensues.

“For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 2:21)

At Voices Against the Grain, we continue to lift in prayer those affected by violence everywhere. We pray for healing in hearts. We believe that hearts yielded to Christ Jesus can help transform situations.


Nicole D. Hayes is the founder of Voices Against the Grain, a bold teaching ministry launched in May 2013. Nicole’s purpose in creating Voices Against the Grain is to be light in darkness, to boldly instruct truth amid confusion so as to bring clarity and restoration.

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