Previously Deceived, Now We See

Proverbs 14:13- Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains. (New Living Translation)

Herbert Bowen, Jr.  Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Herbert Bowen, Jr.
Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

It used to be funny, but now we know the truth. You snuck in and stole our hearts, like an unsuspecting sleuth. Your solutions led me to believe you had my best interest in mind. But your gesticulations guided me toward the wrong sign. Our souls are writhing now, for the gratification was too much to bear. For the price paid for you and I should deserve our care. Now we see, that we must proceed onto the path labeled eternity. Conducive to shunning the very chance of us reaching our maximum marginal utility. Therefore, may we seek the safety of immovable ground, instead of the quicksand that conceals are bodies from being found. Whereas we are burdened with an extremely important decision, to which requires neither correct timing, nor immaculate precision. All that is needed is the willingness of heart to escape from our utopias in an effort to move back into reality to seek God’s grace. Amen

About Herbert G. Bowen, Jr.

Born in King of Prussia, Pa., Herbert G. Bowen Jr., accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the tender age of 5. An active member of the Central Church of God in Charlotte, N.C. where he resides, Herbert serves as a youth/discussion group leader, where he has preached and taught Sunday school, as well  as Wednesday night service. In addition, he has preached at Second Baptist Church in Pottstown, Pa., Destiny City Church in Salisbury, N.C.  Herbert is the youngest board member on the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Leadership Council, where he serves to lessen the costs of tuition for African American students. Moreover, Herbert serves on the pureHOPE advisory board, where his commitment to “wait until marriage” fits perfectly with PureHope’s mission to bring a Christian solution to an immoral culture.Finally, Herbert through the will of God writes weekly devotionals to combat the decreasing morality in the 18-30 age group a.k.a., “the transition gap.” This is an effort to re-introduce Jesus Christ to this spiritually starved generation. His devotionals go out to 2,000+ people and continues to grow under the Lord’s watchful eye.  He is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Business Management. He provides business expertise to help others start their businesses.

Truth, Camouflage or False: Exercise Discernment

“You have dealt well with your servant, O Lord, according to your word. Teach me good discernment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments.” –Psalm 119:65-66 (New American Standard Bible)


Jason M. Alexandre, Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Jason M. Alexandre, Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

If you want to know the power of the Word of God and its benefits, read the entire chapter of Psalm 119. In this chapter, you will soon realize the Christian’s need for the Word of God. If you wholly trusted in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you now have the gift of the Holy Spirit to help guide you through every single decision or circumstance you will face today and in the future. As Christians, we must distinguish truth from error. We need to exercise always a discerning spirit.

We live in a deceitful world, half-truths mixed with truth and counterfeit ideas where we need to constantly ask ourselves: “Am I hearing the truth or not?”

Unfortunately, I have visited many churches and heard many Pastors’ preach sermons where the content was not biblically based and it pained my heart to walk out of those churches each time.  And I think of the Christians who remained in those pews possibly and probably believing that what they were hearing was a message from “The Lord.” It is the responsibility of the Pastor to teach right doctrine according to the Bible.-Ezekiel 44:22-23 I want to caution and exhort you to discern always. Discerning is about making right-judgments. It’s not about judging someone in a condemning sort of fashion but it’s about making sure that you are truly listening to the voice of God.

Many folks will go to church year after year, week after week and never learn how to listen to the voice of God because they put their trust in a Pastor who may be telling them a message totally erroneous and contradictory to the Word of God. Any church that does not believe in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, from cover to cover, leave that church as fast as you can before you and your family are contaminated by false doctrine. The Bible says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”-1 John 4:1 And for the unbeliever confronted with truth, the Bible says“But a natural man does not accept the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.” –1 Corinthians 2:14

We must constantly be reading the Word of God so that we can discern rightly. If we neglect it, in no time we’ll begin to start thinking as the world thinks. We live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with information. Think about how much time we spend listening to the TV, radio, and music and then the little time we read spending the word of God.

In no time at all, naturally, the messages of the world’s viewpoints will start over powering God’s viewpoints on life decisions and circumstances. No Christian can live a godly life with a closed Bible. You cannot. It is absolutely essential to recognizing God’s voice (truth), counterfeit, or what is not truth. Friend, I caution you to stay in the Word of God so that you can learn to discern in a world where truth is becoming less and less. God bless you. Amen.

-Jason M. Alexandre

About Jason M. Alexandre

Jason Melchizedek Alexandre was born on November 29, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York. However, at two years old he and his family moved to Philadelphia, PA. Later, Jason moved to Limerick, PA where he now resides. Jason is currently working toward obtaining his Master of Social Work degree at Widener University. Although Jason’s career is Social Work, his spiritual passion is missions. Jason believes in actively answering the great commission call Jesus gave all Christians for the gospel to be spread from nation to nation. On a yearly basis, Jason primarily goes to Haiti on a mission trip with Haiti Christianity Inc. Each year Haiti Christianity visits different cities and/or villages in Haiti bringing children educational supplies, clothes, and medical supplies. They also facilitate conferences in which bible study, budgeting tips, financial planning and most importantly evangelization takes place. Jason is currently their public relations director. Jason’s vision is for the gospel to continue to be spread throughout the world and believes it is Christian’s responsibility to carry out this mission effectively.