Should Christian Business Owners Serve the Homosexual Community?

Great_CommissionYou’ve likely seen or heard the news of Indiana governor Mike Pence signing legislation to “protect” religious freedom and to give Christian business owners the right to refuse service to those who are homosexual. A contentious topic for sure.

In fulfilling the Great Commission as Jesus directed in Matthew 28:18-20, as God’s Elect, we are to serve believers and unbelievers. Though we are not OF the world, God has kept us IN the world to reach others through us. Listen to ENTIRE 10-min message from Amos Johnson, Jr., founder of the Church for Entrepreneurs, on the topic: “Is There a Biblical Prohibition Against Christians in Business Serving the Homosexual Community?”

How to Give and Receive Instruction

CFE Image for Jan 14 2015 podcastWe can’t prosper in God’s things without honoring the instruction He gives us. What elements are essential to giving and receiving instruction? One, is having a teachable spirit. Listen to our founder’s six tips shared in this 8-min Church for Entrepreneurs podcast. Thank you to Church for Entrepreneurs founder, Amos Johnson Jr., for inviting Nicole to share a message on this great platform. We hosted Amos on our October 2014 show entitled “Starting and Doing Business God’s Way.” Listen here for “How to Give and Receive Instruction.”