Loaded Promises

Leviticus 26:6- “I will give you peace in the land, and you will be able to sleep with no cause for fear. I will rid the land of wild animals and keep your enemies out of your land.” (New Living Translation)

Herbert Bowen, Jr.  Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Herbert Bowen, Jr.
Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Whoa, that is a loaded scripture. In fact, it reminds me of a song entitled, “It’s Working,” by Will Murphy. For “this is my season for grace and favor, to reap what I have sewn.” Thus, everything is working together for our good to make us stalwart in the face of fear, strong in the debilitating afflictions of weakness, and humble in the beauty of victory. We are now conquerors equipped with keen insight to recognize that sometimes in order to move forward in life, we must stop and then turn around. Hence, we didn’t waste our time. We just know more now than we knew then. Thus, as we grow we become more attuned to the striking similarities found within bees, as we look to mimic their process of open pollination to strengthen every flower/person we come into contact with.

Amen #HBSr


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