Hear in 3 Minutes What Satan is Up To

counterfeitSatan has done well to deceive the world. Unfortunately many have played into his hands. They thought they were pursuing paths of happiness, greater freedoms, quicker paths to prosperity and love, only to find themselves broken, empty and enslaved. What counterfeit schemes is Satan unleashing next? How do we stop this?

Listen to our 3-minute message on how you can successfully navigate around Satan’s counterfeit schemes and walk confidently in God’s Truth.


2 thoughts on “Hear in 3 Minutes What Satan is Up To

  1. Slavery? Broken Lives? I must point out that these situations exist but they exist in all realms of life. Satan has not once caused me an issue in my life – and the Real Satan is not out to destroy humanity –

    Rather, the goal is to free it from the shackles of control and tyrannical religious organizations. Real religion? Is ultimately pagan – not organized theocracy.

    Have a Great Day

    • Hi James,

      We welcome you and your comments to our content. Sadly, we can agree with you on this point: organized religion has been the driver and justification behind many of our world’s injustices. Whether people pursue freedom or control of others, many have enslaved, and caused brokenness feeling authorized by religion. Truth is, we at Voices Against the Grain enjoy authentic freedom in relationship with Jesus Christ—not shackled by organized religion. Only in Christ Jesus is such freedom found—not by the makings of man, but by what Christ has written in our hearts.

      To your other point that “Satan has not once caused me an issue in my life”: does the boiled frog think that it’s being boiled? As the frog becomes acclimated to the pot of tempered water in which it sits, it does not notice the ever so slight increase in the water’s temperature. The frog sits comfortably in the water believing his environment is as it should be—until he is quickly and without warning overtaken and destroyed by it. Such is life with Satan,the Father of Lies. Many have been comfortably lulled and deceived into what Satan offers, pursuing through him paths they believe will offer them freedom and ultimate control. However, Satan’s primary work is a slow, simmering build of confusion and deception, eventually leading to one’s destruction. The deceived won’t understand how they got there.

      The results of the counterfeit are just that: counterfeit. Satan only needs co-workers for a short time and when he’s done with them, he’s done with them, leaving them wrecked. Our desire is to expose the deceptions, bring clarity where there is confusion and through leading of the Holy Spirit, provide restoration where there is brokenness so people can truly walk in authentic freedom through Christ Jesus. Have a blessed day. We’ll keep you in prayer.

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