Endurance is From the Lord

Revelation 2:3-You have patiently suffered for me without quitting. (New Living Translation)

Herbert Bowen, Jr.  Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Herbert Bowen, Jr.
Voices Against the Grain Devotional Writer

Our experience tells us that endurance is a vital learning tool for life. For endurance is the brainchild of our physical, spiritual, and mental sense that supersedes our wants and desires to quit. This in fact is the glue that holds our spirit intact when the world brings us heartache. Hence, endurance is nothing more than the sweat traveling through our pores to cool our bodies from a strenuous workout.

Endurance is nothing more than the focus needed to forgo tomorrow’s worries, to tackle the tasks of that present day. Endurance is nothing more than the gut wrenching conviction that enlivens our soul to proceed forward and to never turn back. With these attributes we run with the swiftness of gazelle and speed of a cheetah. We run with a consistent stride unencumbered by lactic acid that seeks to slow us down, for God has slowed man’s feeble attempts to impede our success, while simultaneously directing us home.   Amen

About Herbert G. Bowen, Jr.
Born in King of Prussia, Pa., Herbert G. Bowen Jr., accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the tender age of 5. An active member of the Central Church of God in Charlotte, N.C. where he resides, Herbert serves as a youth/discussion group leader, where he has preached and taught Sunday school, as well  as Wednesday night service. In addition, he has preached at Second Baptist Church in Pottstown, Pa., Destiny City Church in Salisbury, N.C.  Herbert is the youngest board member on the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Leadership Council, where he serves to lessen the costs of tuition for African American students. Moreover, Herbert serves on the pureHOPE advisory board, where his commitment to “wait until marriage” fits perfectly with PureHope’s mission to bring a Christian solution to an immoral culture.Finally, Herbert through the will of God writes weekly devotionals to combat the decreasing morality in the 18-30 age group a.k.a., “the transition gap.” This is an effort to re-introduce Jesus Christ to this spiritually starved generation. His devotionals go out to 2,000+ people and continues to grow under the Lord’s watchful eye.  He is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Business Management.

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