The Kingdom is Inseperable from the Gospel

PLEASE READ. Those who preach the “prosperity gospel” for selfish gain have hijacked God’s Word from its true intention.  Because of this blatant distortion of God’s Word that many have fallen prey to, I am compelled to share the following Freedom Squared blog post written by dear friend, mentor and colleague, Hakim Hazim.  The blog post, “The Kingdom is Inseperable from the Gospel” is part of their Self-Deception Series. In the post he writes, “The gospel is not about health and wealth, it is not an insurance policy from the lake of fire. It is good news for the elect. To focus on anything other than the one who saves is to make salvation a means to an end.”

Thank you Hakim for sharing with us this timely message to successfully discern truth from deception.  Read it below.

Hakim_Bio_Photo_in_Grey_SuitThere has been quite a bit of noise and controversy made in recent decades regarding preaching and doctrine. Perhaps the rapid expansion of the prosperity/wellness gospel and the insurance gospel are not indicators of revival but men’s ability to hijack and distort God’s word. The two spring from the same tree: man’s self-seeking heart.

To be more specific, the health and prosperity gospel are tied to securing benefits in this that alleviate or eliminate physical suffering or deprivation of any type. The insurance gospel rests on the idea that a sinner can say a prayer and be indemnified from eternal judgment, if he is sincere at the moment he says it. These notions of the gospel perpetuate the deception that man can be in charge of his temporal and eternal destiny by sincerity and believing alone. Although these sentiments are understandable from a human vantage point, they fall short of historical, biblical standards. God must give us the faith to believe and purify our hearts so that we can be sincere. These doctrines are made in America and made for Americans, but they are foreign to the sound teaching of scripture.

Election teaches us that God examines, draws and secures the hearts of all who will ever belong to Him. The gospel issues from the sovereignty of God and is but one aspect of governance from His vantage point. We would do well to remember this in a humanistic age.

The gospel is not about health and wealth. It is not an insurance policy from the lake of fire. It is good news for the Elect. To focus on anything other than the one Who saves is to make salvation a means to an end. The Lord despises the misuse of His word for selfish gain, but He is also quick to forgive those who repent of this (We have all done it in some manner or form). The Kingdom is moving and you will move with it or it will move against you. Lay hold of it friend. Lay hold of it.

Here is a good read that amplifies some of the points I have made:

About Hakim Hazim

Hakim Hazim, author of several published books and articles, nationally recognized criminality and national security theorist is the co-founder of Freedom², which focuses on believers in America and other free societies. Hakim, who is based near Boise, Idaho, was raised Muslim and is a born-again Christian since 1993. Daniel Jackson, a former youth pastor, is the organization’s other founding member and technology expert with a Fortune 500 company. Other project partners include researcher Charles Holmes, Jr., and Dracy Jenkins. Hakim is also the founder of the Christian-based national security consultancy, Relevant Now, which provides clients with ”timely, insightful and transformative information.” Hakim has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas and a Master of Arts in National Security Studies from the California State University San Bernardino.



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