Pride, Humility and Wisdom

Proverbs 11:2- “Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” (New Living Translation)

Herbert G. Bowen, VATG Guest Blogger

Herbert G. Bowen, VATG Guest Blogger

Pride is defined as a dignified sense of what is due to oneself. Wisdom is defined as knowing and doing what is right. Neither can correspond with one another, nor can they be placed juxtaposed to one another. Pride is nothing more than a person’s reaction to entitlement. Pride is the downfall of man. Pride leads a person to believe they can accomplish great feats based off their own merits. Compliments and praise don’t soothe the ego of a prideful person, they inhibit them. Wise words from learned men are seen as animal fodder, to which no instruction can be gained. In order to crush pride God must humble us. Whether it’s living lowly to understand the significance of Gods future blessings, or losing a business opportunity due to stubbornness. In either scenario, our pride must be worn like scars reflected in a mirror to remind us of the mistakes we have made, and the lessons needed to keep our feet from stumbling. Amen

About Herbert G. Bowen, Jr.

Born in King of Prussia, Pa., Herbert G. Bowen Jr., accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the tender age of 5. An active member of the Central Church of God in Charlotte, N.C. where he resides, Herbert serves as a youth/discussion group leader, where he has preached and taught Sunday school, as well  as Wednesday night service. In addition, he has preached at Second Baptist Church in Pottstown, Pa., Destiny City Church in Salisbury, N.C.  At his current age of 23, Herbert is the youngest board member on the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Leadership Council, where he serves to lessen the costs of tuition for African American students. Moreover, Herbert serves on the PureHope advisory board, where his commitment to “wait until marriage” fits perfectly with PureHope’s mission to bring a Christian solution to an immoral culture.

Finally, Herbert through the will of God writes weekly devotionals to combat the decreasing morality in the 18-30 age group a.k.a., “the transition gap.” This is an effort to re-introduce Jesus Christ to this spiritually starved generation. His devotionals go out to 2,000+ people and continues to grow under the Lord’s watchful eye.  He is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Business Management. He provides business expertise to help others start their businesses.


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